Introduction & Objectives

Mission Statement
Is to provide business owners with an efficient and quality check recovery/verification service and related products, while maintaining accordance with the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act and all Federal State, and local laws and regulations.
Basic Objectives
The objective of Check Law Recovery are:

  1. To develop an Arkansas state-wide base of business owners and operators that accept checks and to provide for this base a state-wide Check Recovery and Verification service.
  2. To provide such service in compliance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all related federal and state laws and regulations.
  3. To develop such economics of scale by expanding business owners' and operators' base so as to be able to provide efficient and effective check recovery, verification and debt collection service and to perform this at such a level to generate profits.
  4. To explore and develop related services that would be effectively meshed with out existing services to provide a greater value to our member business owners and operators and generate sufficient profits; and
  5. To develop and foster good will and confidence in Check Law, its' personnel, and services among the business owners and operators who are members of this service, our regulators, and the business and consumer community in general.
  6. To develop and implement a plan to expand operations to other than Arkansas in order to become a regional provider of Check Law services.  
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